Introvision Association e. V.

From practice for practice

We are convinced that Introvision is a method that deserves to be made accessible to as many people as possible. This is why we founded our association - to publicize, promote and further develop Introvision as a method for the complete resolution of stress and anxiety, inner conflicts and blockages at home and abroad.

Our members, consisting of coaches, consultants and psychotherapists, are not only highly qualified, but also have recognized training in Introvision. They bring with them scientific knowledge, application-oriented know-how and a wealth of experience to successfully use Introvision in practice, science and research as well as in training and further education.

Our mission is to put Introvision into practice so that everyone can benefit from it. We firmly believe that this highly effective and economical approach should be used worldwide. Because Introvision is not only effective - it is a tool that sustainably improves the lives of many people. And we are passionate and committed to this.

Management Board

Ulrich Dehner
Dr. Klaus Köpnick
Susann Bänder
Anja Reith


Dr. Monica Boos
Alice Dehner
Jasper Dehner
Marco Hornung

We are committed to:

Networking and exchange of experience

  • Organize events and specialist conferences at regional and supra-regional level in order to facilitate an exchange between members and interested parties.
  • To offer opportunities for intervision, collegial exchange and networking.

Building trust

  • To develop quality guidelines and seals of approval for practice, training and further education in Introvision as a method and further developed formats such as Introvision Coaching.
  • formulate values and ethical guidelines.
  • Ensure protection for clients and coaches through clear criteria for training and further education providers.
  • To offer a defined quality standard through membership of the association.

Further development of the methodology

  • To promote research into the method and formats of Introvision.
  • To support research and publications in the field of Introvision and related formats such as Introvision Coaching.


  • To promote publications in the field of Introvision.
  • To support the establishment of international sub-organizations.
  • To disseminate and further develop Introvision - and thus create visibility for the method and formats on the national and international market.
  • registration options in order to be found with the Introvision method and formats.

We invite you to become part of our community and to discover and promote the many possibilities of Introvision. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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