Introvision for psychotherapists

Introvision coaching - a miracle?

Introvision may seem like a miracle at first glance. But scientific findings and our experience with Introvision make this innovative approach convincing.

A major problem that you encounter in the field of therapy is the fact that many psychotherapy methods are highly intrusive and often require lengthy processes. Introvision, on the other hand, offers you a way to resolve deep-seated stress factors and emotional blockages in a comparatively short time without interfering too much in the client's life.

Childhood as an origin: How Introvision heals deep-seated wounds

Imagine, for example, problems that stem from childhood. Often, wounded parts of the personality remain, looking for survival strategies. With Introvision, your clients are given the opportunity to be present and accept these parts of their personality instead of fighting or suppressing them. Through increased self-acceptance and integration, these wounds heal without recurring.

Introvision also addresses all three levels - the cognitive, the emotional and the physical - in an undramatic way. See for yourself the numerous cases in which phobias and panic attacks have been successfully treated, even after unsuccessful therapies. The Introvision approach has also been successful in treating compulsions, depression, diagnosed burnout and exhaustion syndromes.

Introvision sets new standards in psychotherapy

Feedback such as "This can't be true, I've had anxiety and panic attacks all my life. How can that be gone now?" prove to you that Introvision is a valuable addition to psychotherapy and conventional treatment methods.

We are continuously researching the possibilities of Introvision Coaching and invite you to join us in this innovative approach to provide your clients with a holistic and sustainable healing experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!